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The 26th edition of Barcelona’s Festival of Music, Creativity and Technology, taking place on 17, 18, 19 and 20 July, combines the global stars of dance music and urban beats with artistic exploration on the geographical and sonic fringes of electronica.
Sónar 2019 will be a giant celebration of the music of the future, featuring an array of global and emerging stars: from A$AP Rocky to Bad Bunny, from Arca to Holly Herndon, from Dixon to Disclosure, from Underworld to PaulKalkbrenner, from Dellafuente to Dengue Dengue Dengue, from Four Tetto Floating Points, from Kelly Moran to Maya Jane Coles, from Sevdaliza to Amelie Lens, from Cecilio G to Skepta, from Bad Gyal to K Á R Y N, from Fennesz to Matthew Herbert and more.
Sónar+D 2019, the 7th Congress of Creative Technologies presents a total of 150 activities and this year places special emphasis on learning, expanding its offer of workshops, masterclasses and conferences by more than 200 experts on the topics of the creation of immersive experiences, Artificial Intelligence applied to the arts and, as always, the latest advances  in technology applied to content creation.
Among dozens of premieres (exclusive worldwide or in Spain) and unique experiences are the new shows by Arca, Holly Herndon, Four Tet, Floating Points, BERLINIST presents GRIS Game Live, Bad Gyal,Hauschka & Francesco Donadello, Cecilio G and three back to back dj sets conceived exclusively for Sónar: Louie Vega & Honey Dijon, Peggy Gou & Palms Trax and Blawan & Dax J.

After its 25th anniversary, this year the festival reaffirms its vocation for diversity, with an important presence of creators who elaborate their artistic discourses from a radical point of view or on geographical, political, sonorous or gender fringes. K Á R Y Y Y N, Lotic, Jlin, Muqata’a, Hibotep or Sevdaliza stand out in this line.

This edition listens to the sounds from all the different corners of the world, with artists from 36 countries, and a special focus on the new sound of Africa such as Petite Noir, Deena Abdelwahed, Sho Madjozi, DJ Lag, Obongjayar, Faka, Slikback, and voices from Latin America, withBad Bunny, Nicola Cruz, Dengue Dengue Dengue, LAO & Wasted Fates (N.A.A.F.I.), Jesse Baez, ha$lopablito, or La Diabla.

The national scene is also strongly represented by talents such as Bad Gyal, Dellafuente, Cecilio G, Territoire, Ylia, Virgen Maria, Tutu, Desert+Desilence, Hamill Industries, Mans O, Aleesha, La Diabla, Phran, $kyhook, Rrucculla or Alba G. Corral, among many others.

Faithful to its commitment to technological advances and with the will to connect Sónar’s programming with that of Sónar+D, the festival presents several shows that explore the relationship between music and the brain, the dialogue between light and sound and Artificial Intelligence; which for the first time in history makes the leap to the stage with Holly Herndon’s PROTO, Daito Manabe+Kamitani Lab: dissonant imaginary, Ouchhh+Za!: Superstrings, plus Actress+Young Paint Live AI/AV.


The 26th edition of Sónar, which for one year only will take place in the middle of summer, on 18, 19 and 20 July, will present a total of 140 shows on 10 stages across Sónar by Day, at Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona, and Sónar by Night, at Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet. In 2020, the festival will return to its usual dates, 18, 19 and 20 JuneSónar 2019 will present 89 concerts and 51 DJ sets of global stars and emerging artists, many of which will be premieres or exclusive shows with an extensive audiovisual component. A total of 12 shows will use the latest technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, data visualization or live scientific experimentation.

Bad Bunny – DOWNLOAD
Muqata’a – DOWNLOAD
Body & Soul – DOWNLOAD
Amelie Lens – DOWNLOAD 
Peggy Gou – DOWLOAD
Theo Parris – DOWNLOAD
Daito Manabe – DOWNLOAD 
Holly Herndon – DOWNLOAD 
Kelly Moran Grand Piano AV Live – DOWNLOAD 
Caterina Barbieri – DOWNLOAD
Sho Madjozi – DOWNLOAD
Nicola Cruz – DOWNLOAD
Dellafuente – DOWNLOAD
Virgen Maria – DOWNLOAD 
The main shows of Sónar 2019

Sónar 2019 will feature some of the most important players in hip hop and contemporary urban music such as New York MC and one of the top hip hop stars of the present millennium A$AP Rocky, British MC grime king Skepta, Puerto Rican hip hop and Latin music breaker, Bad Bunny; plus Kaytranada or Vince Staples, relevant names in the new music that brings hip hop closer to electronica.

In dance music, the kings of the British house, Disclosure; the live show of Paul Kalkbrenner‘s new album; the long-awaited emotional session of Four Tet playing in total darkness, with the SonarPub stage solely focused on sound; or Underworld, classics in the history of dance music, presenting their new project “Drift” of expansive and epic techno.

On the fringes of sound and art

This year features many artists working on and from the fringes of sound, politics, gender andgeography. The most futuristic and radical electronic music will come from the hand of Arca, pseudonym of shapeshifting Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer, and experimental music composer Alejandra Ghersi, one of the most relevant electronic figures of our time. With brutal frankness and daring sincerity, her music and performative acts work to destabilise binaries and resist categorisation, instead proposing a third way that incorporates both playfulness and sensitivity. In this special 90 minute presentation conceived exclusively for Sónar, she debuts a new performance mode inspired by cabaret and speculative fiction, which features new material from her long-awaited new album and surprise guests.

The American, Armenian and Syrian artist, K Á R Y Y N, will perfom from her celestial repertoire that unites ancestral Armenian spirits with digital glitches, while Lotic, the Texan producer based in Berlin, will premiere ‘Endless Power‘ from inside a reactive crown of prismatic light created by Emmanuel Biard. DJ and producer Jlin, who has managed to renovate the Chicago footwork and juke scene, will show off her new rhythmic arsenal; other outstanding talents include Palestine’s Muqata’a, Tunisia’s Deena Abdelwahed, introducing the new album ‘Khonnar’, Iranian-born singer Sevdaliza, with a new show, or Ugandan dj and cultural activist Hibotep.

The legacy and the future of clubbing

SonarCar is the circular stage at Sonar by Night that best represents clubbing’s contribution to the history of electronic music. the stage will host the exclusive 6-hour DJ seton Friday night by British producer and musician Floating Points in what will be his only date in Spain this year; and Body & Soul, on Saturday night, the iconic New York collective of spiritual house (with a luxury trio made up of NYC pioneers François Kevorkian, Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell).

The spirit of clubbing is spread across all the stages day and night with names that best define its legacy and future, such as the set of Belgian techno dj Amelie Lens; the special closing of the Germans Dj Koze -with his contemporary house and disco for Friday night-, and Dixon, considered one of the best DJs in the world and leader of the label Innervisions, for Saturday night. In addition, there will be three unprecedented collaborations exclusively for Sónar: Honey Dijon & Louie Vega, Peggy Gou & Palms Trax and Blawan & Dax J.

Sónar by Day features the live shows of the Israelis Red Axes, heavily influenced by their trips to Africa and Vietnam; the dance sets of Ross From Friends, Leon Vynehall and Maya Janes Coles; the new SonarHall show by French label Ed Banger’s SebastiAn; the textured sounds of Daphni, Artwork and Erol Alkan, who will respectively close the three daytime sets at SonarVillage, and the 3-hour set by Detroit legend Theo Parrish at SonarDôme.

Tech shows powered by AI and sensorial staging. 

Faithful to its commitment to technological advances and with the will to connect Sónar’s programming with that of Sónar+D, the festival presents several shows that explore the relationship between music and the brain, the dialogue between light and sound and Artificial Intelligence, thus applying ideas explored in previous years in Sónar+D and which in this edition come to life on stages such as SonarHall and SonarComplex.

These shows include the world premieres of the technologist Daito Manabe together with the neuroscientist Yukiyasu Kamitani, in a pioneering audiovisual show that experiments with the live visualization of the brain states of the artist while he performs his music; and that of the Turkish creative studio Ouchhhwith the Barcelona band Za!, with a show inspired in the theory of super-strings in which the brain waves of the musicians will be screened. Or “PROTO“, Holly Herndon‘s new show that unites a chorus of human voices with the non-human ‘Spawn‘, a sophisticated AImachine for real-time sound generation.

Another light show with a stunning sensorial staging will be Kelly Moran Grand Piano AV Live. The composer and keyboardist from New York, recently signed by Warp Records, will perform her new album “Ultraviolet“, draws its influences from neoclassical to black metal, a sophisticated work with prepared pianosurrounded by synaesthetic projections creating a unique atmosphere.

Another stunning experience will be the immersion in video games of the Barcelona quartet Berlinist, the multidisciplinary digital showMembrane” by Push 1 Stop & Wiklow, the analogical visualization of the sound of Hamill Industries+Shelly, and the originallight, noisy and theatrical show by the ItalianQuiet Ensemble.

At Sónar by Night, the French duo Acid Arab will present a new show featuring a mystical floating light installation, while the UK artist Murlo will bring his extraordinary performance based on projections of his own 3D illustrations on the SonarLab stage presented by Resident Advisor. On the same stage, the AV show of the Italian resident in Berlin, Caterina Barbieri is postulated as one of the most hypnotic and sensorial experiences of this year, introducing us to her own sonic universe from her experiments with modular synthesizers.

New sounds from Africa and Latin America.

The new African sounds stand out this year with South Africa’s Petite Noir, Sho Madjozi, DJ Lag (Durban leading exponent of gqom), and queer duo Faka; Nigeria’s magnetic soulman Obongjayar; Kenya’s emerging producer Slikback; and, from Uganda, DJ, filmmaker, rapper and producer Hibotep.

Global Latin beats and tribal percussions will also be present with performances by the revered Ecuadorian musician Nicola Cruz, the Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue, members of the Mexican collective of deconstructed club music LAO & Wasted Fates(N.A.A.F.I.), Latin r&b and trap shows by Jesse Baez and ha$lopablito, and sets by La Diabla and Branko, founder of Buraka Som Sistema.

The present and future of the National scene

The diversity and maturity of the national scene will be represented by artists such as Bad Gyal, now definitively on the path to international stardom; referents of the trap and urban music here as Dellafuente, one of the greatest exponents of national rap, Cecilio G or Lil Moss, all of them with a wide range of collaborators.

The always outstanding Desert, previewing some synth pop pearls from their long-awaited new album, accompanied by the visuals of Desilence; the stunning Territoire – whose leader Oliver Arson has won the Goya (the Spanish version of the Oscar) for Best Original Soundtrack this year – with a live performance not suitable for sensitive souls; or the visual dj duo Los Voluble, with their new electronic project of political criticism  and flamencoentitled: “Flamenco is not a crime” created from audiovisual remixes. And there’s much more: Mans O bringing his new triple album to life; the radical sound and aesthetics ofVirgen María; Aleesha‘s urban pop; sessions at Sónar by Night by up and coming sound explorers such as Phran, RRUCCULLA or Tutu; Ylia‘s first live performance in SonarDôme; and three of the country’s most important beatmakers Enry-K, Fake Guido and $kyhook.

New expressions of contemporary classical

The new forms of contemporary classical music will have a starring role: the piano. Instrument and element that unites the performances of Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper (presenting the show “Glassforms“), Kelly Moran, new rising star of Warp records, and the veteran Hauschka (both specialists in prepared pianos and the teachings of John Cage), and the special concert of “Investigations”, the most recent work by Christian Marclay, which will be performed by ten pianists in La Capella at MACBA on Friday 19th July.

SonarDôme presented by Red Bull

The SonarDôme stage, curated by Red Bull, will feature a total of 22 performances, including several shows co-produced by Red Bull that can be seen for the first time in Spain, such as that of Petite Noir; Lorenzo Senni, a great innovator of tranceand the most extreme sounds of rave music, with his band Stargate; or that of the Iranian avant-garde r&b singer Sevdaliza, presenting her powerful new show“The Great Hope Design”. You can also enjoy the popular and fantastic MC Dellafuente, one of the stars of national urban music, or Detroit dj and producer Theo Parrish, with a special 3-hour set.

Living legends of electronica

As every year, Sónar presents a good number of timeless classics of electronica. With a career of more than 30 years, Underworld is one of the most important duos in the history of dance music. Karl Hyde and Rick Smith will unveil their new expansive and epic techno project “Drift” live. Figures such as Fennesz (presenting “Agora”, one of the best records of his respected career), the Japanese DJ Krush(master of scientific beat and instrumental hip hop) or Matthew Herbert, star of the Sónar 2019 Closing Concert at the Teatre Grec with his new Brexit focused project: The Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band.

SÓNAR+D 2019, 7th Congress of Creative Technologies

Sónar+D 2019, the 7th Congress on Creative Technologies held at Fira Montjuïcin Barcelona in parallel with Sónar by Day, will take place on 17, 18, 19 and 20 July. In this new edition of the congress more than 20,000 attendees and about 5,000 professionals from 2,100 companies from 60 countries are expected to attend the more than 150 activities.

The Opening Conference, on Wednesday 17th July, will be led by Robert del Naja, the visible face and ideologist of Massive Attack, on one of the very few occasions on which the producer, rapper, visual artist and street artist will speak in public, this time with Andrew Melchior, Chief Technical Officer of the band.

Sónar+D 2019 focuses on learning as the central axis of its proposal and doubles its offer of conferences, master classes and workshops given by more than 200 experts, including world-class creators, technologists and scientists. Thus, this edition will become a true “summer school” for experiential design, artificial intelligence applied to the arts, the Internet of the next 30 years, quantum computing and, as always, the latest in music technology with voices asteamLab, Yukiyasu Kamitani, teenage engineering, Daito Manabe, CANADA or Hamill Industries, Timoni West (XR in Unity Labs), Xenia Ermoshina of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research in France), the ideologist “solarpunk” Jay Springett, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, among many others.

SEAT, the new innovation partner of Sónar and Sónar+D, presents the Sónar+D MasterClasses by SEAT, a new learning format which features gatherings with world-class experts with the aim of disseminating, creating and sharing knowledge and practices around creativity. Among the speakers, world references such as Timoni West, director of Experience Research at Unity, the three-dimensional graphics engine for video games, will offer a masterclass of spatial computing in AR and VR environments. Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne will give an expanded class on the most experimental side of machine learningKyle McDonald, an artist who works with code to create immersive and interactive installations, performances and new tools for creative exploration; Madeline Gannon, a scientist specializing in robotics who designs ways to communicate with machines; Richard Devine, a music producer and sound designer, creator of soundtracks,music for commercials and video games; or Ben Cerveny, a designer of urban interactions through technology such as AR and mobile computing.

This year also sees the return of Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO. The monumental space is dedicated to fulldome audiovisual experiences where the audience is completely surrounded by image and sound. MEDIAPRO will premiere for the first time the pieces of two renowned international artists and a piece of its own production in 360 format. The content of this space will soon be unveiled.

Desigual will present an interactive and immersive space of light and image controlled by the movements of visitors entitled “Onionlab presented by Desigual in Beta”. ME by Melià will present “Deep Meditations” by the digital artist Memo Akten: a large-format immersive installation made up of morphing images and sounds generated by machine learning algorithms.

Sónar+D expands throughout Barcelona with SonarMies, the annual sound intervention by the Colombian artist Lucrecia Dalt, which will make the Mies van der Rohe pavilion speak; and the 6th edition of the Maker Faire Barcelona, the global event for maker culture to be held on 5 and 6 October in the Bostik hall, which will focus on the new local patterns of circular economy.

The new SonarHub, meeting point for the creative community

SonarHub is an exhibition space open all day from Wednesday 17 to Saturday 20 July, where all the stages of conception, creation and commercialization of a project are represented: ideas and talent in the University Hub; content creation in the Immersive Hub; the essential tools for creators can be found in the Creative Tech Hub and the Audio Tech Hub; business development is present in the Startup Hub, and, closing the circle, in the Sónar+D Innovation Challenge, the talent of creators converges with the innovation needs of companies.

Sónar+D allies with 4Y4N (4 Years From Now) to host the Startup Hub, an exclusive program for startups, investors, mentors and companies in the creative industries sector that focuses on business development and the connection with strategic players in the business world. The 21 selected startups will benefit from a programme of activities designed to boost their promotion, networking and funding opportunities. Participating investors include funds such as,with more than 100 million to invest in Spanish startups, or Plus Eight Equity Partners, a venture capital firm that invests in music technology companies.

In the Sónar+D Innovation Challenge, the open collaborative platform in partnership with the Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University, companies such as Telefónica Alpha, Universal Music Group, everis or ME by Meliá present challenges that will be developed by multidisciplinary teams (programmers, artists, marketing specialists, makers) and that will show the result of their prototypes at Sónar+D 2019.

In the Immersive Hub, the space  for new realities, highlights  include “To the Moon”Laurie Anderson‘s latest VR work developed together with the artist Hsin-Chien Huang, a VR experience that leads us to lunar exploration and spiritual meditation on the time in which we live; Traverse, an AR (augmented reality) audio platform that gives listeners an active role, allowing them to move through the sound created by Jessica Brillhart. The European premiere of “Ayahuasca: Kosmik journey”, an immersive 13-minute journey through one of the planet’s most mysterious spiritual practices created by Jan Kounen and produced by AtlasV, A. Bahn and Small Studios or Matt Pyke’s Universal Everything piece, “Emergence”, which conveys the primary desire to maintain individual identity while being part of a crowd. In addition, it will be possible to experiment with projects by Barcelona-based companies such as Broomx, the company specialising in projected virtual reality and winner of the Sónar+D Startup Competition 2018, and “Multilayer” from the Nueveojos studio with an installation that creates a volumetric video through a three-dimensional projection.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Once again Sónar is working to improve sustainability and community awarebessat the festival site. Sónar joins, for the second consecutive year, the protocol of action against sexual aggressions “No Callem”. The initiative, promoted by Barcelona City Council, aims to eliminate the risk of sexual assaults in nightlife venues. In addition, the festival joins the new security protocol promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya against sexual violence in leisure environments and focused on training and awareness of security professionals, as well as managers and staff working in the festival. The festival sets up two information stands, one at Sónar by Day and the other at Sónar by Night, with staff trained to assist and guide the victim in the event of harassment or aggression. Moreover, after 23 consecutive editions, Sónar continues to work with Energy Control for theprevention and reduction of risks in drug consumption.

As part of Sónar’s commitment to reduce plastic waste, this year all drinks, including water, will be served in reusable and renewable 50 cl. glasses. With the first drink, users will have to pay a deposit of €2, which they can reclaim by returning the glass to one of the return points located at the SonarCashless counters.

Food at Sónar: local chefs, seasonal produce of ecological proximity 

The food area of Sónar 2019 is committed to offering produce of ecological proximity prepared by local chefs. Three chefs working away from the hustle and bustle of the city and awarded with a Michelin star, will create two exclusive menus with local and seasonal products designed to be tasted in the VIP Area of Sónar by Day.

On Thursday 18 July, Quim Casellas from the Casamar restaurant in Llafranc will cook the rock octopus from the Cap de Creus, caught by hand with “nanses” by Salvador Manera and his daughter Helena; on Friday 19 July, Oriol Rovira de Els Casals de Sagàs will cook hand reared pork raised following respectful and traditional methods by Jordi Rovira de La Rovira de Sagàs. And on Saturday 20 July, Joel Castanyé de La Boscana de Bellvís will work with the tasty lettuces grown by Ramon Bosch in his orchard in La Boscana de Bellvís.

VIDEO – Image Sónar 2019

During the festival, Absolut will present theimmersive large-format installation “SonarSpoiler” which will unveil the outcome of “Je te tiens”, the short film that has just been released worldwide at the Cannes Film Festival and which shows the roadtrip by a mother and daughter by car through extraordinary worlds. Sergio Caballero’s film, starring iconic actress Angela Molina, is the result of the filming of Sónar 2019 image.


A$AP Rocky, Acid Arab Live, Actress + Young Paint Live AI/AV, Afrodeutsche, Aleesha, Alvva, Amelie Lens, Andy C, Anger, Anna Vs June, Arca, Artwork, Bad Bunny, Bad Gyal, BERLINIST presents GRIS Game Live, Bill Kouligas, Blawan & Dax J, Body & Soul (6h set), Branko, Brat Star, Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper: Glassforms, Ca7riel + Paco Amoroso, Camille Mandoki, Cascales, Caterina Barbieri Live AV, Catnapp, Cecilio G, Cosmic D’Alessandro, Daito Manabe + Kamitani Lab: dissonant imaginary, Daniel Avery, Dano, Daphni, Deena Abdelwahed – Khonnar Live, Dellafuente, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Desert + Desilence, Deva, Diego Navarro, Disclosure DJ Set, Dixon, DJ Koze, Dj Krush, DJ Lag, Dj Seinfeld, Dj Tennis, Enry-k, Erol Alkan, Faka, Fake Guido, FAKETHIAS, Fennesz, FKJ, Flava D, Floating Points (6h set), Four Tet, ha$lopablito, HAAi, Hamill Industries & Shelly: Audible Spectrums, Hauschka, Hibotep, Holly Herndon: PROTO, Jarreau Vandal, J Colleran, Jesse Baez, Jlin, Joseph Capriati, Karcelen, K Á R Y Y N, Katarzia, Kaytranada, Kelly Moran – Grand Piano AV Live, La Diabla, LAO & Wasted Fates (N.A.A.F.I.), Leon Vynehall, Lil Moss & Friends, Lil Uzi Vert, Lomepal, Lorenzo Senni – Stargate, Los Voluble: Flamenco is not a crime, Lotic: Endless Power, Louie Vega & Honey Dijon, Lyzza, Macromassa, Mall Grab, Mans O, Masego, Max Cooper Live AV, Maya Jane Coles presents Nocturnal Sunshine, Milan W., Muqata’a, Murlo (Live AV), Neon Chambers (Kangding Ray + Sigha), Nicola Cruz, Nistra, Obongjayar, Octavian, Ouchhh + Za!: Superstrings, Paul Kalkbrenner, Peggy Gou & Palms Trax, Perel, Petite Noir, Phran, Push 1 stop & Wiklow: Membrane, Quiet Ensemble – Back Symphony, Red Axes Live, Rejjie Snow, Ross From Friends, RRUCCULLA, Saoirse, SebastiAn, Sevdaliza – The Great Hope Design, Shelly, Shiva Feshareki, Sho Madjozi, Skepta, $kyhook, Slikback, Snakehips, Sneaks, Territoire, The Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band, Theo Parrish, Titi Calor, Tutu, Underworld, Vince Staples, Virgen Maria, vōx, Waajeed, Yakamoto Kotzuga, Ylia, 700 Bliss.


Sónar is an initiative of Advanced Music with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunyathrough their respective agreements and of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, We Are Europe. It is supported by the Ajuntament de L’Hospitalet, the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte and the Fundación TMB, and by the meteorological support of the Servei Meterològic de Catalunya.

Sónar is sponsored by Estrella Damm, SEAT, Thunder Bitch, MEDIAPRO, Red Bull, Desigual, Absolut and Durex, with the technological support of Pioneer DJand the collaboration of Royal Bliss, Sangre de Toro and Calvin Klein Underwear.

Sónar has the following associated media: RNE Radio 3, Red Bull Radio, iCat, Rai Radio 2, Playground, Resident Advisor, Radio Nova, Playground, Flaix FM y VICE. And CRACK, Trax, DJ Mag, Billboard Italia, Nss Mag, London in Stereo, Beatburguer, Mine, Vis-à-Vis and Radio m2o as collaborating media.

Sónar+D is an initiative of Advanced Music with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya through their respective agreements. In the agreement with the Ajuntament de Barcelona, the ICUB, the area of Economic Promotion and Local Development and the commissioner of Technology and Digital Innovation are involved. The agreement with the Department of Culture is signed with the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) and is coordinated from the area of Digital Culture. Sónar+D has the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, We Are Europe, with the sponsorship of SEAT, Grupo MEDIAPRO, ME by Meliá and Lavazza and with the strategic collaboration of 4YFN, Barcelona Tech City, Factory Berlin, Heywood&Sons and UPC Arts.

Sónar+D collaborating media are Wired UK, Sleek and Interview Germany.


SÓNAR 2019

All the ticket types, SonarPass, SonarPass VIP, 2-Night Ticket, 2-Night Ticket VIP,  1-Night Ticket VIP, Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night at


To attend Sónar+D and enjoy all its activities and exclusive advantages there are 3 types of delegate passes:

• The Delegate Pass, which gives access to the entire Sónar+D programme, included on Wednesday 17 July, and all the Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night shows.
• The Day Delegate Pass, which allows you to enjoy all of Sónar+D’s activities, included on Wednesday 17th July, and all of Sónar by Day programming.
• The One Day Delegate Pass, which allows you to enjoy all the Sónar+D activities and all the Sónar by Day programme during a single day from 10 am onwards. On sale from June.

The exclusive advantages and benefits for delegates at

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